Slow Brew Coffee Never Looked So Good
slow brew theo coffee maker

Coffee purist? Maybe you recoil in horror at the sight of a coffee pod? Hey, it happens. You probably prefer your morning cup or two at a more sedate pace. Not everything has to be at the pace of ‘I wanted that coffee an hour ago.’

Nah, sit back. Enjoy the aroma. Then get to work. Why not do it with more than a touch of style?

Meet the ‘slow brew’ Theo coffee maker. Using matte black stoneware, Stelton is drawing both rustic and minimalist elements to create one of the coolest coffee makers around.

Granted, it’s not feature-rich. It brews about two cups of coffee, and that’s it. If you’re expecting knobs, buttons or an app, look somewhere else. Theo is about looking beautiful and keeping coffee simple.

The removable top can hold your standard coffee filter. The pot comes with a ring of insulating silicone to keep us from having the ‘yep, that’s hot’ moments and burned fingers.

theo coffee maker

A bamboo lid caps off the design, sealing the pot to keep it warm, and giving contrast with the all black design.

Pricing and a release date is still TBA but expect it on the shelves soon. Keep updated over at Stelton.

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