A Small Tease of Rainbow Six Siege’s Hong Kong Map

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid

It’s been a while since we breached our way through a new Rainbow Six Siege map. Coastline way back in February was the last one. Operation Health pushed content updates back a few months as the Siege devs tackled various issues with the game. But the new content is almost here. And today, Ubisoft dropped a small tease of the Hong Kong Theme Park map we’ll be blowing up.

Looking good. Looking damn good.

The content drop coming as part of Operation Blood Orchid includes 3 new operators and new weapons. Apparent leaked images reveal the gadgets for each of the three operators. Here’s the description for them in case the link isn’t working.

Ela (GROM Operator) – Grzmot mine. Concussion proximity mines that can be anchored on surfaces, impairing hearing and causing a dizzying effect.

Ying (SDU Operator) – Candela. Cluster of flash charges that can either be anchored on surfaces or rolled out as a grenade.

Lesion (SDU Operator) – GU. Cloaked toxic mines injecting a compound which injures opponents and limits their speed.

Operation Blood Orchid hits Xbox One, PS4, and PC on August 29th.

Rainbow Six Siege is heading to Gamescom along with all the other heavy hitters from Ubisoft. If you’re a huge Siege fan, check out the Pro League Finals on August 25 – 26. Teams from across the globe will fight over a nearly $250,000 prize pool. And who knows, you might learn a few tricks watching the best blast, breach, and shoot each other.

2017’s Siege content will wrap up in November with another map and three more operators. But I doubt the updates stop there. Siege is approaching two years old and is as popular as ever.

The devs still have big plans for Siege. Back in February, Ubisoft’s Alexandre Remy touched on how many Operators that ultimately want to see in Siege. “The moment that we hit 50 operators, that’s the minimum that we actually want,” Remy told PC Gamer. When 2017 wraps up, there will be 36 Operators. If the 50 operators target is still the goal, we are looking at two more years (seasons) of content. At a minimum.

And with Siege’s success, that much support is pretty much guaranteed.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid
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