This isn’t Pochinki and its one and two-story houses littered about. PUBG’s creator is at Gamescom and gave us another look at the next map coming to the game. Here it is.

PUBG desert map

I imagine optimization is one of the biggest chores with this map. We all remember Lag City on the current one. You couldn’t glance in the direction of Yasnaya without your PC chugging.

The screenshot above shows a whole bunch of buildings rising at least six stories above the ground. Taller than anything in PUBG’s current map.

Still no word on when the new map is coming. We’ve been treated to a couple of screenshots of the new map over the past month or two. Before that, all we had to go on was a rough sketch of the map.

PUBG desert map sketch

It looks like the screenshot was captured looking south from ‘Secondary Downtown’ towards the ‘Main Square.’ The Oasis town would be somewhere in the distant background on the left side of the image. And the canyon wall representing the map’s boundaries directly south and wrapping around to the right.

The new map adds an urban sprawl we haven’t seen in PUBG before. Sure, there are a handful of four story buildings (prison might be five?), but nowhere near this many. I can already see two-thirds of the plane’s passengers jumping out over this spot. The high-rises will add a new wrinkle into the combat loop. There isn’t quite this much verticality on the map we’re playing right now.

The size of the city does make me wonder about the size of the desert map in general. Maybe Bluehole has already solved any potential performance hiccups. Or, maybe the map isn’t quite the size of the original map. Would that influence player count?

I like the idea of a smaller map. Let each new map offer a little something different. The desert map could be the ‘action’ map while the original retains its more ‘tactical’ approach.

Right now, winning matches last 30-33 minutes. I could see the appeal in cutting this time down to around 17-20 minutes.

We’ll have to wait and see what the desert map offers once Bluehole gets around to releasing it. Would you like to see a smaller map with quicker matches?

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