Controlling diabetes is a daily struggle. You know that if you have the disease or a family member that really wants a damn cookie. Blood sugar spikes, craters, does a couple of spin moves and generally makes life a pain in the ass.

Enter a biochemist team at the University of Utah. The team has developed a 14-hour ‘smart insulin’ that has shown promise in mice. It will self-activate as blood sugar spikes, bringing it back to controllable levels. Yeah, we saw you with that donut.

Published in the latest issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the compound is named Ins-PBA-F. No marketing majors among the research team, but if it works, who cares?

The drug closely mimicked the way bodies of normal mice would return their blood sugar to normal after eating. Researchers used the template to develop the compound.

“This is an important advance in insulin therapy,” said co-author Danny Chou, assistant professor of biochemistry at the University of Utah.

“Our insulin derivative appears to control blood sugar better than anything that is available to diabetes patients right now.”

Patients with type 1 diabetes have to closely monitor glucose levels, and use self-administered insulin shots to keep their blood sugar in the ‘good’ range. Mistakes or not controlling your blood sugar can lead to a myriad of complications including heart disease, blindness and death.

When can you pester your doctor for the new compound? You are in for a bit of a wait. Animal trials are still in full swing, with any clinical trials 2 to 5 years out. Couple that with any potential FDA approval and diabetic patients will be waiting a while for ‘smart insulin.’


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