Fellow Southerners Smithey Ironware Co. is hard at work perfecting an old icon. The cast iron skillet. Summer may be coming to an end, but it sure as hell doesn’t portend the end of one hell of a steak. They make cast iron skillets for a reason.

Matter of fact, if you’re remotely hungry, stay off their website. It’s diabolical and probably illegal in certain states. And of course their Instagram feed. Biscuits anyone?

Yeah, it’s not supposed to look like it came out of a McDonald’s wrapper. That’s how you know you’re about to have a real breakfast.

Smithey Ironware

No. 10 Cast Iron Skillet

It’s a play on the old icon to bring it into the modern era. The ancient skillet in your kitchen can be joined with a satin-smooth polished finish, pour spouts on each side, hanging hooks on both ends and an ergonomic handle for those that consider that a must.

While the same rough finish accompanies the outside, the cooking surface pushes back on the pebble-like surface of old. You get the modern cooking surface with all the features of cast iron. Win-win

Made in Charleston, SC, the Smithey No. 10 is oven safe, allowing you to go nuts with those recipes saved on your pinterest board. Steaks, biscuits, bacon and even a frittata will find a home inside the pan.

Smithey Cast Iron Steak

Best of all? It’s affordable. $160 for a skillet that will impress even the biggest food critic. Unless they are vegan. You tossing a ribeye to sear probably won’t win that person over, but who can say no to biscuits?

Head over to Smithey to read the story of the No. 10 skillet and make yourself hungry.

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