You have probably seen the ads, or have heard your friends talk up vape parties. E-cigarettes are the new craze, and advertisers are targeting younger age groups. I guess seeing the Marlboro Man on a horse with an electronic cigarette would be a bit weird.

In a new study by RTI International in conjunction with the Florida Department of Health, researchers looked at exposure to the e-cigarette market for young adults. Over 80% of the ads in 2013 were for blu eCigs. Safe to say they have the market on lock.

Researchers found that 75 percent of exposure to e-cigarette ads cam via major cable networks. Popular channels such as AMC and Comedy Central were among those cited. VH1 was thrown in there, but does anyone seriously watch VH1 anymore? I think those ads would be targeted to the baby boomers versus the Millennials.

Co-author of the study, Jennifer Duke, spoke of the concerns that e-cigarettes present. “If the current trends continue, awareness and use of e-cigarettes will increase among youth and young adults. And unfortunately, in the absence of evidence-based public health messages regarding the health risks of e-cigarettes, television advertising is promoting beliefs and behaviors that pose harm to youth and young adults and raise public health concerns.”

The full study has been published in the journal, Pediatrics.

Undoubtedly regulators need to step in before the issue becomes a health problem. The cigarettes are presented in such a way that they are a safe alternative to smoking. For now, tobacco companies are able to enjoy the fog over the subject and advertise away.


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