Snapchat Goes All Enigma Machine in Emoji Friends Update
snapchat update features

Ever wondered where you stand in regards to your Snapchat relationships? Well, there’s an update for that. It’s all about the emojis. Why emojis? Lack of stuff to do in the UX department, maybe?

Luckily, we don’t need Bletchley Park to decode what the hell this all means. Snapchat was kind enough to release the emoji codebook that is sure to crater friendships pretty fast. And guys? The model who has a public facing snapchat? She is actually ignoring you.

The idea behind the new update is to answer the burning question of if your Snapchat best friend has another best friend on Snapchat, who also happens to be your best friend on Snapchat.

Sweet, I just found another migraine trigger.

To make this even more surreal, the official press release explains the emojis with photos of Beyonce and Jay-Z. If this was still April 1, it would all make sense. But no, this is real.

snapchat emoji feature

Snapchat Update

It’s not just emojis in the new update. Users are getting a new camera feature for low light. Festivals are fast approaching, and you need something to capture the moment in the EDM haze.

Also, have you been neglecting your Snapchat buddy? There’s a ‘needs love’ feature now that will alert you when you have been neglecting some poor soul for too long.

Snapchat Emoji Decoded

Courtesy of the press release, we get the definitions of the six emokis assigned to your friends.

The Gold Heart. You’re best friends forever. It means you send the most snaps to this person, and them to you. Let the Gold Heart gold rush begin.

Gritted Teeth. Someone else counts this person as their BFF. It’s a sharing economy, even among friends. You send the most snaps to this person, and does another person.

Smile. Innocuous and just means you are best friends on the app.

Sunglasses. You and your friend have overlapping social circles. You both send the most snaps to this mutual person.

Smirk. Uh oh, drama time. You might be their best friend on Snapchat, but the feeling isn’t mutual. They bombard you with snaps, but the snapfest isn’t reciprocated. Meltdowns on Snapchat and other social media should commence shortly.

Fire. This is reserved for the people that have their phones grafted on their hand. You have a snapstreak between you and another person of a near constant stream of snaps over the course of a few days.

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