Hmmm, I need another outlet…

We’ve all been there. The power strip is filled to the point you are questioning the safety of your setup. Or, you have expertly arranged your bed to block a protruding smartphone charger.

I know I’ve done that. Why do we subconsciously use electrical wall outlets as guides to arrange furniture? Sweet, you mean I can block all but one in my room? Small victories…

SnapPower set out to help us with their latest successful Kickstarter campaign. Evidently I wasn’t the only one blocking the ability to charge their phone next to the bed. The campaign had a funding goal of $30,000. The final number? Nearly $840,000 and the products have already shipped.

Sean from SnapPower sent me a pack of three to try out before the final release. It does what it says. It puts a USB charger into a wall outlet cover plate. Matter of fact, my iPhone is charging away right now.

snappower usb charger closeup

Anything that accepts charging via USB can be used. I’ve used various GoPro accessories with mine including the GoPro unit itself, battery chargers and a battery clutch. Backup battery packs can also be charged.

SnapPower Installation

Leave the Google search for an electrician alone. Installation is a breeze. One very important note. Make sure to find your breaker box and kill all power to the room you’re working in.

Can’t read the writing on the breaker box? There’s an easy button. Make sure no one in the house cares and throw the main breaker.

I hit the main because, as a kid, I stuck a fork in a wall outlet. Getting horse kicked across the living room makes you a bit untrusting of the handwritten notes by breaker switches. Besides, which one is Room 2?

snappower and a gopro

Grab a flathead screwdriver and take the old cover plate off. Align the SnapPower cover plate by its power prongs and push it in. Screw the cover plate on and hit the breaker.

Easy, right? That is it. You’re done. Grab your smartphone charger and get to charging.

SnapPower Design and Cost

Two options for you. The standard duplex style that I have, or the squared off decor style. Three colors are available: White, Light Almond and Ivory.

With the SnapPower in the wild, you can now buy direct from the company’s website. The pricing is static no matter the design you choose. A single SnapPower is $20. Combo packs are available in 2 ($38), 3 ($54), 5 ($85) and 10 ($160).

For me? I love having one right next to the desk.

Looking to upgrade your wall outlet cover plates? Take a look at SnapPower if you’re tired of adjusting furniture around to fit a charger.

**A SnapPower Duplex Three-Pack Was Provided By the Company**

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