We were all set to win World War 2 one bullet at a time this year. But Sniper Elite 4 joins the increasing deluge of gaming coming in 2017. The developer, Rebellion, jumped on their blog recently to explain why.

So when we sat down recently to decide a launch date, we had a decision to make. Do we stick to 2016 as planned many moons ago, or do we give the team just a little more time to help them deliver beyond the promise that the game has already shown, to hone the game’s best features, or even add new ones that previously might have been left on the cutting-room floor?

Rebellion opted for a little more time. Sniper Elite 4 will launch on February 14, 2017. Damn, who knew Valentine’s Day would be the day of virtual killing? First, Ubisoft announced For Honor coming on Feb. 14. If slashing your way through scores of samurai isn’t your style, maybe sniping Nazis is for you.

Sniper Elite 4 tanks

Rebellion co-founders Chris and Jason Kingsley touted the perks of being independent when making this decision. They’re not beholden to a publisher’s deadline. And as successful as the Sniper Elite franchise has been for them, it’s smart to take the extra time if they need it.

Two sniper games, one month

The new release date puts Sniper Elite 4 in direct competition with another sniper title – Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is coming to PC and consoles on January 27, 2017.

Both are sniper games, but the similarities stop there. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 is much more sandbox-y compared to Sniper Elite 4. Plus, it takes place in a modern setting with all the high-tech gadgets and sophisticated guns that come with it.

Sniper Elite approaches gameplay in a more structured fashion. That’s not to say it’s completely linear. You have options with how you want to approach each encounter. Plus, World War 2 limits the kind of weapons and gadgets at your disposal.

Sniper Elite 4’s hallmark continues to be its X-ray kills. Rebellion is building on the feature with the inclusion of shrapnel X-ray kills. Now we’ll have something else to shoot out besides a Nazi head (or balls).

Check out YouTuber TheRelaxingEnd playing Sniper Elite 4 at E3.

It’ll be fun to see which sniper game fans gravitate towards. I’m more partial to Sniper Elite, but that’s only because I haven’t played that much Sniper: Ghost Warrior. Which one do you plan on playing?

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