Tired of seeing all the luxury tiny houses? Snow Peak understands and teamed up architect Kengo Kuma to simplify the process. It’s still in its early design phase, but it’s clear Snow Peak wants to ditch the idea of cramming a McMansion onto a trailer.

Instead, the design removes the ‘house’ look and sticks with a sparse design. The wood paneling opens up to reveal windows, allowing plenty of natural light to mix with the LED light strips integrated into the ceiling.

snow peak tiny house interior

The best part is everything folds up flush, and you have a wooden box rolling down the road for your next nomadic adventure. While other tiny house designs have upped the luxury factor, Snow Peak is going the other route in creating one which you can feasibly envision rolling down the highway.

snow peak tiny house closed up

We have to admit the truth. Some of the luxurious tiny homes may be on a trailer, but they are glorified cottages. No one would attempt to cruise down a pothole-ridden interstate with a home that has a full-size tub or kitchen. It might be tempting, but those homes can reach close to $100,000. Not something you want to hit a patch of crap road construction to discover your house has a few new cracks.

Snow Peak is keeping the tiny house movement rooted in minimalism. It’s a work in progress, and while it looks sparse, you can count on Snow Peak adding its own design flair.

Pricing is set at $33,000, but there’s no word if the homes from the Japan-based company will jump the Pacific and land stateside.

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