Everyone wants to be green. Alternative energy for your home, electric cars and chargers for your portable devices. Who doesn’t want to do their part for the environment? Or, at least have a damn good portable charger. Meet Solar Paper, a Kickstarter project from the team at YOLK.

Designed to be the world’s thinnest and lightest, Solar Paper can literally go anywhere. Another feature is extensibility. Using magnets, you can clip on an extra panel to charge larger devices, such as an iPad or other power hungry devices.

Take an iPhone 6. How long would it take to fully charge using Solar Paper? In perfect conditions, bright and sunny, the creators claim a full charge in about 2.5 hours using the 5-watt charger. About what you would get from a standard wall charger.

With the Kickstarter campaign, YOLK is offering backers the opportunity to select from 5 (2 panels), 7.5 (3 panels) and 10 (4 panels) watt chargers. Tablets and cameras, of course, will demand the larger watt chargers for efficient charging.

Solar Paper Compatibility

With one USB port, device compatibility is nearly limitless. Smartphones, portable game consoles, flashlights, cameras, video cameras and tablets can all be charged. For example, if you wanted to keep your iPad charged, you would want the 10W Solar Paper. In perfect conditions, an iPad could be fully charged in about 4.5 hours.

Clouds and Solar Paper

One of the biggest drawbacks to solar chargers is performance in cloudy weather. A cloud passes overhead, and you have to reset the charger. YOLK didn’t want customers cursing the clouds and unplugging and replugging their phones every time a cloud got in the way.

Integrating ‘auto-comparison-technology,’ the device will automatically resume charging once the panels start soaking in the rays.


Chargers have to be durable. Laying claim as the world’s smallest and thinnest, Solar Paper is water resistant. It is also 85 percent lighter than its closest competitor. It folds to just 9 x 19 x 1.1 cm when not being used.

Want a size comparison? Its footprint is just slightly larger than an iPhone 6+. The charger weighs in at just four ounces and features an LCD that shows power readings. Yeah, you can geek out to power readings while charging your phone.

solar paper dimensions

Solar Paper Kickstarter

The standard disclaimers apply. It’s crowdfunded which means patience is the order of the day. Luckily, this isn’t YOLK’s first Kickstarter rodeo. The team was behind SOLARADE. Delivery timeframes vary based on pledge tiers, but September is the earliest.

solar paper prices

Solar Paper has already blown past its goal of $50,000 and is sitting well north of $400,000. It’s already funded, so no worrying about pledging for a project that never gets funded.

It definitely looks promising. Especially for those of us that love the outdoors. 2.5 hours for a fully charged smartphone via solar? Yeah, sign me up.

Your weekend camping trip just got a hell of a lot easier. No more rushing or arguing over the car charger. And you’re doing your part to help the environment. Win-win.

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