It’s something we’ve all cursed. Who or what is stealing our damn socks? Sock gremlin? Washing machine suddenly eating them? Or in my case, winter is coming, and my border collie decides it’s time to go full hunter-gatherer mode on all socks.

He’s serious when it comes to swiping a pair or a single sock. The second the leaves start to turn, he’s running up and down the hallway like a maniac grabbing all he can find. It begins the annual tradition in my house of ‘where the hell did all the socks go?’

URU Design aims to solve our woes with SOLOSOCKS. The idea is simple. You buy one sock instead of a pair. No more tossing a pair when one gets a hole in it. That random pile you have in a drawer of mismatched socks? Gone people. Tired of matching socks after a day of laundry? That’s a bit lazy, but hey, we’ve all been there.


With its Kickstarter already funded, the company has a simple premise. A single sock that matches but is different. You choose the color design, and that’s it. No worries if one disappears. And to ensure it’s as easy as possible, each set of 5 or 7 SOLOSOCKS comes with a reusable storage box to place in your sock drawer.

Need quality? Each SOLO is made from 80% organic combed cotton, 18% polyamide, and 2% elastane. In addition to the Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS) certification for the cotton, each sock is produced in a GOTS certified factory.

Pictures speak a thousand words when it comes to color options:

solosocks colors

solosocks color choices

SOLOSOCKS Kickstarter

The biggest question from every Kickstarter is when. The company has been selling the brand locally in Denmark and have targeted December for backer delivery. Socks for Christmas just became a welcome present. Especially when your washing machine decides to eat a few. Or pulls a Samsung and detonates your entire sock drawer.

Pricing is reasonable. Yes, you can go to Walmart and buy a pack of cheap socks for a couple of bucks. But why feed the sock gremlin’s habit? A 5X1 pack is priced at $28, while the 7X1 pack hits $38. Need a double pack of 5X1s or 7X1s? $54 and $75 respectively.

Like me and have a dog who thinks socks are made for him? You can grab a mega pack – 100 packs of 5X1 for $1810. Sometimes you just have to accept reality your pet is a kleptomaniac and prepare for war each fall.

Head over to SOLOSOCKS for more information on the campaign.

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