Frictional Games is bringing SOMA to PS4 and PC as a digital-only release on September 22nd.

Why should you care? Frictional Games is the dev team behind Amnesia: The Dark Descent. They know a thing or two about horror games.

What is SOMA? You play as Simon, in some kind of outpost. And, the shit has hit the fan.

Not much else is known about the story from the 12-minute trailer above. Well, there is one thing. Avoid the robots.


In the latter half of the trailer, you meet Carl. There’s just one problem. Carl says he’s human, but he looks like a robot to me. After a quick chat with robot Carl, you meet the real Carl. And, he has seen better days.

The trailer ends with a robot rushing towards you. It looks like SOMA is going to be full of cat-and-mouse tactics as you avoid the large, lumbering robots.

Reaction Time!

I loved the minimal UI. The horror genre keeps UI distractions to a minimum. It’s a must to keep players focused on the environment. But, it’s a feature I wish more developers in other genres would look at.

Look! Interactable objects with physics. This is another area developers don’t tackle often enough.

SOMA’s setting could be great. The trailer above keeps us in the outpost. But, previous trailers show the game takes place in an underwater research facility. Let’s hope we can grab a suit and head outside.

What’s up with the robots? SOMA’s robots believe they are human. But, they are not. There’s also this weird screen artifact effect on the screen. It’s noticeable anytime one of the robots is near you. It’s almost like the Simon is viewing the world through a lens. Is Simon a robot too?

It would fit with SOMA’s themes. Frictional Games wants to “explore unsettling aspects of subjects such as consciousness, identity and our very existence. We didn’t want to do this by simply having some ham-fisted exposition now and then, we wanted the player to experience this first-hand.”

The 12-minute trailer has me interested. What do you think of SOMA?


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