Ready for a Kickstarter project you have to see? Somabar is the drink maker you’ve been waiting for the tech scene to think up. You will be embracing that inner Tom Cruise in no time. No, I don’t mean jumping on the couch acting like a loon. Wait…

I’m talking Cocktail, the movie where Cruise played a bartender. Will you ever be that good? No, but Somabar has you covered. Plus it’s more stylish than a dark bar or club. You get the added benefit of chillin’ at the house too.

How Does Somabar Work?

The best analogy to the device is the Keurig system on steroids. Instead of tossing a K-cup in, you have six soma pods you fill with alcohol and your mixers. Attach them to the side and grab your smartphone.


On the back is a smaller unit to hold bitters. Once attached, you select a drink from the app, and the unit uses positive displacement to draw from the airtight pods. Of course, it’s not a cocktail unless it’s mixed, and this is where Somabar shows off its innovation.

Using what they dub a proprietary mixing chamber, the drink ingredients are mixed prior to filling your glass. As for multiple drinks being mixed? The system flushes itself with water so there’s no weird combo tastes.

Somabar App

The app is completely customizable depending on what ingredients you have installed. Drink suggestions are made from that list, and you can adjust the levels of your drink – strong or weak. Has anyone ever said less bourbon?

If you get the unit, you are not tied to a certain mobile OS. It works on both Android and iOS. It will track inventory of the ingredients, letting you know when you’re low. You are beyond smashed if you can’t tell by looking at the side of the Somabar to tell this, but still a cool feature.

Cleaning the system is a breeze. It gets flushed, and the soma pods are dishwasher safe.

Somabar Release Date

Like all cool Kickstarter projects, the release date is well into the future. Backing today will get you one of the first off the line in July 2015. So, you may miss a few house parties, but by mid-Summer 2015, you can impress your friends with your newfound mixology skills. Or you can tell them to make their own with the app. You are watching the game.

Head over to Kickstarter for more details.


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