After 8 years and god knows how many games, Raymond Cox has become the first person to hit a gamerscore of one million on Xbox.

What game notched the 7 figure gamerscore? None other than Titanfall. The achievement that sent him to 1 million was aptly named, “I Liked a Challenge.” A challenge it was. I can’t imagine some of the terrible games he played in order to get to a million.

Cox, aka Stallion83, was upbeat about the milestone on his Twitch channel. “I’m so happy — I thought I was going to be sad,” Cox said after topping 1 million.

“I’ll be that old man that tells his grandkids, you know what guys, you think you’re gamers? You know what I did? I got a million f*cking gamerscore.” Ha! Right on Raymond.

So, what’s Raymond going to do now that he hit a million gamerscore? “I can finally watch TV and movies again! You’ll sacrifice everything if you want it bad enough.”

He has plenty of good ones to catch up on. My recommendation? True Detective.

He said he’ll keep playing games, though. Just not with the singular focus of getting achievements.

“It was worth it to me,” he added. “I don’t care what anybody thinks.”

Check out the Twitch video below to see the moment he breaks 1 million. Fast forward to around 03:46:00.

Watch live video from Stallion83 on TwitchTV


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