A new Sonic game is coming later this year, and it’s not a remaster of old-school Sonic. At least, Sonic Forces isn’t. If you’re itching for the yesteryears of Sonic, keep an eye on Sonic Mania. But this morning is all about our first look at Sonic Forces.

It’s only about 30 seconds worth, but it gives us a good glimpse at what to expect from Sonic in 2017.

Speed, platforming, jumping on enemies. About what you would expect from Sonic. Except instead of side-scrolling in 2D, we’re hauling ass through a 3D world (on what looks like a predetermined line). It looks a lot like Sonic Generations, which will please many fans. That game was generally well received with a 77 Metacritic.

I like how there’s this mesh between realistic and more retro graphics. At first, we see Sonic racing through a city that looks mostly realistic. It isn’t GTA realistic by no means, but it also doesn’t have a retro feel to it either.

But once Sonic jumps the big gap at around 0:28 in the trailer, we see the surrounding areas have more cube-like graphics. I’m hoping this is an indication we’ll see radically different styles of graphics as we’re running around. Or, it could be early footage and the graphics just aren’t finished yet. I’m hoping for the former.

Here’s what I’m talking about.

Sonic Forces graphics

See to the right and left of the main course? The trees are especially noticeable. Here’s another tree from the beginning.

Sonic Forces trees

Maybe I’m looking into this too much, but those look a lot different to me.

Sonic Mania for the old-school fans

Do you like your Sonic in the 2D flavor. Sonic Mania is the answer. The game was originally slated for a Spring release, but Sega announced a short delay to Summer yesterday. It wasn’t all bad news, though as we received another small dose of gameplay. This time, a Flying Battery Zone reveal returning from Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

2D and remasters are all the rage these days. It makes sense Sonic would go this route. Plus, who can hate on old-school Sonic?

Sonic fans are in for a busy 2017. Two Sonic games coming in the next nine months. And at the very least, Sonic Mania should be good.

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