Update: Say hello to the Sony A9

It’s safe to assume nearly every mirrorless fan is expecting an announcement from Sony in April. The successor to the Sony a7rII – the a7rIII? An a9? Who knows on the name but the rumors are entertaining. For once, we may actually be surprised. Most rumors have dubious sourcing, and some of the claims are ‘believe it when we see it.’

Here’s how one source put it:

90% chance: New camcorders will be announced at NAB (April 23)
80% chance: new 16-35mm f/2.8 GM
70% chance: New E-mount FF camera trimmed for speed (Low Megapixel number, fastest autofocus of all Sony cameras, around 20fps, dual SD card, joystick control, unlimited RAW recording).
70% chance: New tele E-mount lens (probably 100-400mm FE or/and a 400mm FE)

Ok, I know we all love holding down the shutter release, but 20fps? Yeah, we all want it. And there are signs we are getting it. You just have to watch the deals offered by Sony. Bundles you normally don’t see.

sony a7rii hints at a7riii

One is the a7rII bundled with Lightroom 6 on [amazon link=”B01D40AXC2″ title=”Amazon” /]. Want a better Adobe deal? B&H Photo with the free 12-month Adobe Creative Cloud subscription paired with an a7rII. It’s the Lightroom/Photoshop Photography plan before you get too excited.

Other A7rII deals include a Western Digital 2TB USB 3.0 external HD at B&H. [amazon link=”B01NAWMJL9″ title=”Amazon” /] keeps it rolling with a battery grip set along with assorted accessories.

What about the other E-mount FFs? They are shown some love too.

Sony a7sII

Various kits through [amazon link=”B019Y6W1PW” title=”Amazon” /] including free grips, while B&H offers up a free Rode VideoMic.

Sony a7II

Same as the a7sII. Multiple bundles are offering cards and grips through [amazon link=”B01MSPKGFV” title=”Amazon” /], while B&H offers a free bag, card, and extra battery.

What’s it mean?

It could be an innocuous clearing stock on other products. Bundle it with a Sony flagship camera and let it be. The flipside is Sony has been on a tear with bundles, lens rebates, camera sales, etc. April is right around the corner and fans are expecting something. Watch it be an a6700 to mess with us.

What do you think? Deals for the sake of deals or are we looking at the clearing of a7 stock to make room for the next iteration? I’d lean towards a bit of both. Sony isn’t about to drop prices anytime soon and when the a7rIII, a9 or whatever the company calls it releases, you can expect a $3K+ camera.

That’s just the way this works. Interesting to watch and sound off in the comments on what you’d like to see in the next Sony mirrorless camera.

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