Sony’s pressure on Canon and Nikon continues as the company continues the steady release of full-frame mirrorless cameras. The a7 III and a7r III have both entered the wild leaving one camera left to make its debut. I’ll give you three guesses but you’ll only need one. The video-centric Sony a7s III which was recently confirmed by Sony reps during NAB.

What can we expect? For one, all new color science for the a7s series. During NAB, reps let it slip the a7s III will borrow the same color science from the recently released Venice and FS5 II camcorders. It’s not the only upgrade for the new camera. With the Panasonic GH5 enjoying 4K at 60fps, it’s hard to imagine Sony not having that ready to rock. Especially with the recent releases being capped at 30fps.

Other features will be the new z battery. It’s the video / low light beast of the Sony a7 series. Sony has to give it the extended battery life. Expect the form the factor out of the a7 III and a7r III to make another appearance. Also, a new sensor. Each new camera has enjoyed an upgrade.

The current a7S II has a 12.2 MP CMOS sensor. Rumors are having it make the jump to 20MP, but the question becomes will it be stacked or BSI? Stacked would be interesting from a speed perspective. Pushing it towards 20 or even the 24MP sensor out of the a7 III would be one hell of an upgrade.

sony a7s iii details and rumors

One area Sony won’t be able to skimp on is the EVF. The Sony a7 III saw a dip in quality regarding the EVF. For a more video-centric camera, it needs to be on par with the a9 or a7r III.

What the biggest outstanding question? The autofocus system. Two schools of thought. Does it go the a7r III route and use the 399-phase-detection AF? Or does it go big along the same lines of the a9 and a7 III? That’s a tough one, but if Sony ported the a9 AF system into the a7 III, why not go with the same system for the a7s III?

And then comes the question on everyone’s mind. Release date? There are signs Sony is preparing to announce multiple products this month. It would put the release date somewhere in the next three months. The a7s III price would be similar to that of the a7r III. Sorry folks, don’t expect the sub-$2k price tag. That area belongs to the a7 III.

Sound off below. What are you expecting out of the a7s III? I’d love to see Sony actually make use of its touchscreen, but I doubt that’s going to happen. An articulating flip-out screen would be a nice touch, but it seems Sony is holding back on it for another camera. Let me know in the comments what you are hoping makes the feature cut.

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