What? You thought the camera announcements for 2018 were over? Nah, it’s Sony, and the company is supposedly, quite possibly maybe, announcing a new APS-C (crop sensor) mirrorless camera by Christmas. We’ve been hearing rumors on this camera all year. Judging by a7III stock issues, Sony might want to think about launching within the next two weeks. Actually, about two months ago.

What do we know about Sony’s APS-C camera? We know the company loves the market thanks to an interview between Kenji Tanaka and DPReview: “The APS-C market is very important for us, so we will create new models in the APS-C market, but we need to ask customers what kind of models they want. APS-C cameras for professional use must exist.”

What he meant to say is Fuji X-T3 is killing it, and we want in on that action. And there needs to be a successor to the a6500. Professional APS-C? I’ll take it, but professional in the sense of features or professional meaning price increase? Thankfully the company has hemmed itself in with the a7III’s $2000 price point. We are probably looking near the X-T3 pricing of $1500-ish.

Rumored Sony a7000 (?) Specs

One of the more prominent rumors is it will not be a successor to the a6500. Instead, it will be a new form of APS-C cameras. Ok, if all that’s being done is moving the EVF to the center, that’s not evolution. That’s common sense.

The Nikon strategy. Remember the D5 and D500 launch? It feels like a generation ago. The rumored specs of 20fps and an off-the-charts AF system screams the new camera will be borrowing a sizable chunk of the a9’s internals. Now, how about the same 20fps no blackout EVF/shutter?

All signs point to a baby a9. Obvious questions remain thanks to the X-T3 features. Mainly 4K60p. Will it have it? I’d side with the yes camp but where will it get nerfed. Bitrates seem to be the apparent area similar to the X-T3. Mainly because Sony still has the a7sIII to launch. It’s destined to be the company’s video powerhouse.

The contrarian viewpoint is Sony’s Kenji Tanaka comments on the company wants professional APS-C cameras. What better way for it to be professional than something that blows the competition out of the water. We shall see. Supposedly by Christmas. Sound off in the comments below on what you want to see in the new a7000(?). They should rebrand to the a5 to simplify the naming schemes of their cameras.

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