Sony Strikes Back With Mirrorless Camera Announcement(s) on July 16

sony mirrorless camera announcements

Update: It’s official. Sony announces a7r IV

The last six months have been awfully quiet out of Sony. That changes tomorrow as the company looks to announce what could be a massive broadside against Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic. Alphauniverse have confirmed a 10:00 AM EST livestream for tomorrow and expectations are a fever pitch.

You might be wondering what’s the deal with all the excitement. In short, Sony has four cameras registered, which means announcements follow within 1-2 months. Hello, tomorrow morning. 

Possible Sony Announcements

What can we expect? Based on the registered codes, we know there is a new RX camera hitting thanks to the similar code structure for the most recent RX camera. Further evidence is Sony needs to respond to Canon’s recent PowerShot announcements. That’s one camera.

What about the other three? One thing we can nearly count on is a new E-mount camera. If we go based on timeframes alone, it’s time for Sony to start releasing new camera bodies. 

One image leak has a camera body with a centered EVF with a new custom dial and a lock on exposure dial. Could it be the oft-rumored a7000 or a6500 replacement? Sony is on the record saying APS-C is still a focal point of its mirrorless camera business. We shall see if we get what would amount to a baby a9 tomorrow or in the coming months. Personally, I hope so. APS-C fans need some love.

Outside of a prosumer APS-C announcement, most Sony fans will be looking for any news on the a7s III. Panasonic has come out swinging with its full-frame, video-centric mirrorless cameras. Sony needs a response, but it’s unclear if the company will announce tomorrow or later in the summer towards the fall.

A camera which is undoubtedly getting refreshed is the a9. Recent Sony lens announcements and the upcoming Tokyo Olympics essentially demand the a9 II. Whether it gets announced tomorrow is debatable, but it’s happening soon. 

And that leaves us with one final camera to be unveiled. Some speculation centers around a possible a7r IV or a possible a7 IV. Both of those feel a bit rushed to me and would be full-frame overload — especially any potential for an a7 IV. More likely is a Cybershot camera. If Sony moves to launch the a7s III, an APS-C camera, or the a9 II, it makes more sense to let those new bodies get into the wild a bit and get some miles on them. Then start grabbing tech off a second-generation a9 to shove into the a7 IV. 

That’s a lot of cameras Sony has to unveil. Will they go all out tomorrow and announce all four? I’d say no, but the company is known to throw a few curveballs. Sony knows Canon and Panasonic are dead serious when it comes to their respective mirrorless camera lineups. Nikon is being Nikon so who knows on that front.

Regardless, it’s nice to see the pace of announcements picking up. For all the doom and gloom on the CIPA numbers, the major manufacturers obviously see it’s no longer about volume, but a shift similar to smartphones. It has become about the shipment value and how each can work on expanding margins. 

Here’s to tomorrow at 10:00 AM EST. Head over to AlphaUniverse in the morning for the official livestream. The ball is in Sony’s court to impress.

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