Black Friday. Cyber Monday. With 60% of shoppers heading to the internet, we may have to coin new phrases. Regardless, it’s the time of the year where you can save money on your favorite gear. In this case, what are the best deals on a Sony mirrorless camera and lenses?

Lucky for us, Sony releases cameras more often than Apple builds new iPhones. While there aren’t deals on the latest camera bodies, you can find steals on the previous generation. And those owning a body can get serious deals on lenses.

sony cameras cyber monday black friday deals

Sony Mirrorless Camera Deals

With the a7rIII releasing, the a7rII is enjoying a price cut of $500. The same holds true for the a7sII. Here’s a word of caution of the a7sII. It stands to reason with the a7rIII in the wild; the a7sIII isn’t far behind with a possible January announcement.

The original a7 earns a $200 price cut. Out of the three, the a7rII and a7sII represent the best deals, with the former being the megapixel monster and the latter being great for 4K video.

What about the APS-C market? It’s full-on Oprah. Every model gets a discount. Sony’s flagship APS-C, the a6500, gets a $200 discount, while the a6300 sees a $70 cut. The a6000 and a5100 both enjoy a $100 cut.

Native Sony Lens Holiday Deals


There are a ton of lenses with discounts. If you want to stick with the Sony family, you can build out a hell of a kit:

APS-C Lenses

Here’s where you need to decide how far you are going to take your hobby. If you plan on upgrading to a full-frame, nothing is stopping you from placing a full-frame lens on a crop-sensor body. At the same time, you can grab a few APS-C lenses to start with and sell them when you upgrade. Here are the deals on tap for the holidays:

Zeiss Lens Deals

There’s no reason to paint yourself into a corner with Sony-only lenses. You can make the argument Zeiss glass is just as good if not better than some Sony lenses. For the holidays, it’s all about the primes for Zeiss Batis and Loxia:

And that about wraps up the discounts for the Sony crowd. I know, where’s the crazy discount on the new Sony a9 or a7rIII. We can wish, but we all know Sony isn’t about to discount their new cash cows. If I left off anything, drop me an email, and I’ll keep it updated.

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