It seems the a7r IV announcement wasn’t enough for Sony. Nokishita is reporting today the company has ‘locked’ product pages for up to three mirrorless cameras. We have a decent idea on what’s on the horizon, but we also thought the a7s III would hit the market before a refresh of the a7r III or a7 III. Expect surprises. 

Which Mirrorless Cameras Sony Will Launch in 2019

Let’s run down the latest rumor specs of cameras Sony may aim to launch in the next few months.

Sony a7000 or a6700 

Outside of the a7s III, the Sony a7000 has to have the most pent-up hype for Sony fans. It’s been rumored for well over a year now, and here we are waiting. Sony is on the record saying the APS-C market is vital to them, and the company did launch the a6400 earlier in the year. 

However, most are expecting a flagship APS-C similar to how Nikon announced the D5 and D500 a few years back. What type of features are most expecting? A legitimate baby a9. Yeah, I know the RX100 VI nearly fits the bill, but it’s a point-and-shoot. 

The most significant departure from older APS-C models will more than likely be the EVF moving to the center to give it the ‘look’ of the full-frame cameras. Outside of that design change, expect it to borrow liberally from the a9 and a7 III in terms of AF and video, and still photography capabilities. 

Sony a7s III

Sony’s unicorn. It has become a running joke with YouTube personalities on when the camera will see the light of day. With the Panasonic S1H rapidly approaching, Sony needs to either launch it or start shoving serious video features into another E-mount camera. 

The company did speak to Imaging Resource during the Sony a7r IV event in which they pledged to bring 4K60p and 10-bit 4:2:2 recording to an alpha camera. It’s just a matter of when, and potentially, which camera. All signs point to the a7s III, but the a7r IV launch does muddy the water.

Sony a9 II

The Tokyo Olympics are fast approaching, and it stands to reason Sony will launch a successor to the a9. Canon stands ready to launch a ‘pro’ version of the EOS R, and you’d hope Nikon is prepared to do the same.

Rumors on specs are essentially nonexistent outside of promises it will be ‘revolutionary.’ The biggest rumor in its favor are the Olympics. Sony will want a sports-centric camera out there. Plus, if they wanted to pull a dual-camera event, the a9 II would pair well with a ‘professional’ APS-C thanks to the overlap of sports and wildlife photographers. 

Spoiler – Sony a7 IV?

The launch of the a7r IV throws the release cycle out the window. It also introduces the potential for an a7 IV as a spoiler to place the current a7 III as a competitor against the Canon EOS-RP and cheaper Nikon full-frame rumored to be hitting the market later this year. There are zero rumored specs surrounding the camera, but it’s one to ponder with the releases of the a7r IV.

Three E-mount cameras with four potential candidates. I’d count on the a7s III earning its own event, with the potential pro-level APS-C being paired with a full-frame announcement like the a9 II. The a7 IV is tossed in the mix thanks to the a7r IV.  

Regardless, it’s going to be a busy late summer as Sony ramps up the announcements to counter Panasonic, Nikon, and Canon.

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