RIP clapper. We’re in the age of the connected home. Smart technology everywhere. Sony is set to release the ‘Multifunctional Light’ in the first-half of 2016. That’s going to need a new name. Come on Sony, Multifunctional Light? The name sounds like the generic items offered at Walmart.

Ignore the name, focus on the features. Obviously, it’s a light. Using Toshiba’s LED technology, it can set the mood however you like across a full spectrum. The ability to control it via your smartphone or another WiFi device? Please, that’s small potatoes.

Any smart bulb can do that. The fixture has built-in luminance sensors, temperature, motion detection, humidity sensors, a memory card slot, speaker and an infrared controller. Not sure if the kitchen sink comes with it, but why not?

The sensor package gives the Multifunctional Light the ability to do a range of tasks we’ve become too lazy to think about. Walk into the room and the light can turn on the TV or air conditioning.

Sony Multifunctional light announcement

Its speaker acts as a room-to-room intercom. My mom will love that. The kids shall never escape. Sony’s sensor package also allows the light to control the thermostat, act as a motion detecting alarm, play music and even playback your voicemail.

All of the above is programmed via the app. The Multifunctional Light is more smart home hub than a smart light.

One problem. It’s a Japan-only launch. It seems Sony wants to test the waters before tossing it our way in North America. Sony, when have you ever known us not to buy gadgets?

Here is Sony’s initial marketing push for the light:

These will sell a ridiculous amount. Makes you rethink the whole smart bulb approach. Put more connected home technology into everyday fixtures so houses don’t look like an Apple store gone horribly wrong.

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