Sony Hit By Another Cyber Attack. This One Less Serious
Playstation network

Sony has had a rough go of it lately with hacker groups targeting the tech giant. This latest cyber attack was tiny in comparison to the Sony Pictures attack, which saw movies and tons of Sony information leaked.

Last night, a hacker group calling itself ‘Lizard Squad’ knocked Sony’s Playstation Network offline for a few hours.

Here’s their tweet announcing Playstation Network was offline.

Lizard Squad’s attack did not put any user information at risk. The group seems to specialize in DDoS attacks. Basically, they flood a service with tons of internet traffic causing it to collapse. These type of attacks typically don’t last that long with normal service returning to the affected service within a few hours.

Lizard Squad also targeted Xbox Live last week in a similar attack. The hacker group says to expect more attacks over the next few weeks.

What can you do? Not much. This type of attack is all about bringing the target offline.

The outage lasted for a few hours last night, and the Playstation Network is up and running today.

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