The rumor mill proved to be correct. Sony is serious about making 2017 all about the lenses. The big news is the G Master 100mm f/2.8 STF with what the company is billing as ‘breathtaking bokeh.’ In case, breathtaking wasn’t enough, the entire press release heaps praise on the bokeh produced.

“The new 100mm STF is built to produce truly unique, magnificent and beautiful bokeh while maintaining the exceptional standard of resolution that is showcased by Sony’s entire line of flagship G Master series lenses,” according to Sony. “Making it a powerful photographic tool for any portrait, fashion, nature or wedding photographer.”

Ok. Outstanding bokeh. We hear you Sony. And Sony full-frame fans won’t have to wait long. The lens is available in March for $1500. Damn, it better be beautiful. And go ahead, we all know an a7 Mark III is coming. Just a question of which model. Or an a6700. Couldn’t resist…

The bokeh is achieved with an 11-blade aperture and an optical apodization lens element which works as a “neutral density filter that increases in density towards the edges.” Also known as a built-in vignette. But the release is quick to point out the STF design “ensures that vignetting is kept to an absolute minimum.”

Always reassuring when a product press release has to calm fears over design decisions. Giving Sony the benefit of the doubt, the company may have wanted to head off criticism before the internet catches on fire with speculation. Not that the internet mobs would do such a thing…

Those with $1500 burning a hole in your pocket can preorder the lens at B&H today for the March release.

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Add Another Sony Prime Lens

Sony 85mm prime

It’s like a potato chip. Can you just eat one? Nah. Sony followed the G Master announcement with a more wallet-friendly FE 85mm f/1.8 for portrait shooters.

“The new prime lens features a 9-bladed circular aperture mechanism that ensures smooth, natural-looking bokeh, and a double linear motor system to allow for fast, precise and quiet focusing,” according to Sony. “It also has a focus hold button that can be customized and assigned together with functions in the camera body like the popular Eye AF feature.”

At $600, it strikes the right balance of budget and features for a mid-telephoto prime. Sony is attacking the new full-frame shooters who already dropped a couple of mortgage payments on the body and are now looking for lenses.

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It joins its G Master sibling in a March release date, and like the $1500 bokeh machine, it can also be preordered. Good time to be a Sony shooter.

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