Sony PRO Support Now Open for Applications
sony pro support photographers

Alongside the Sony a9 announcement came the introduction of Sony PRO support. Think Apple Genius Bar, but they actually know your camera. And Sony expects you to know your camera system too.

Targeted at professional photographers, it promises a host of benefits for those accepted into the program and pays the membership fee. Let’s knock out the requirements first. You’ll need to own a minimum of two Sony full-frame bodies, at least three Sony Zeiss or G Series lenses, provide professional work samples and be a full-time photographer.

It sounds a bit much, but the benefits make up for the entry barrier. The coolest benefits fall into the professional enrichment category. Members get invited to special events and receive evaluation loaners. That sounds like a hint towards a Sony a9r.

Other perks of being a member include support services including email and phone support and a three-day repair turnaround. Equipment perks give you free shipping, loaners if the repair time isn’t met and camera/lens maintenance services.

sony pro support photographers

What about gray market buyers? Sorry, that eBay purchase leaves you out in the cold. All members will have to provide proof of purchase from authorized Sony dealers.

Learn more about the service over at Sony.

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