PSVR2 PC adapter coming

On August 7, you’ll be able to connect your PlayStation VR2 (PS VR2) to your PC. The PC adapter will cost a little extra, though, at $59.99. Sony says setup will be a breeze. Connect your PS VR2 to your PC using the adapter and DisplayPort 1.4 cable, download the PlayStation VR2 App and SteamVR app from Steam, and you’re good to go.

Sony also summed up the minimum requirements for PS VR2 gameplay on PC:

Processor: Intel Core i5 – 7600 / AMD Ryzen 3 3100

GPU – Nvidia Geforce GTX 1650 or later

AMD Radeon RX 5500XT or later

For the best performance, Sony recommends an Nvidia Geforce RTX 3060 or later or AMD Radeon RX 6600XT or later.

Today’s news means folks who jumped into PS VR2 and own a capable PC have many more games to try. But it does come with a caveat you should know about. I’ll let Sony explain:

PS VR2 was designed from the ground up specifically for PS5 – so you’ll notice that some key features, like HDR, headset feedback, eye tracking, adaptive triggers, and haptic feedback (other than rumble), are not available when playing on PC.

What you do get is a capable headset to play PC VR games with. Especially if you already own it. I don’t see too many folks straying from the Meta’s lineup to go with PlayStation VR2. The standout features above that won’t work when playing on PC are what help the PS VR2 stand out from Meta’s lineup. Not having them work on PC is a bummer. But it’s good news for those who grabbed a PS VR2 early and are looking for more games to play.

We’ll have to wait and see if some modders can get those other features to work once this adapter drops in August.

Sony did mark their headset off by $100 in select regions for their Days of Play celebration. You can grab one for $449 instead of $549. This sale will last through June 13. 

The PC adapter does make me wonder if we might see first-party Sony VR games make their way to Steam eventually. Ghost of Tsushima is just the latest Sony game to see a nice resurgence thanks to a Steam release. First-party VR games won’t have the same reach, but they could see a nice little bump from the PC VR crowd. 

Shooters are my jam, but I like to dip into story games from time to time as well. You can reach me at [email protected]

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