sony mirrorless camera rumors include a9 III

The FCC registration database is known for its treasure trove of leaked upcoming products, and today Nokishita has spotted two Sony mirrorless cameras popping up in its database. 

Two Sony digital cameras (test machine names 1VY002 and 1VY003) have passed FCC certification. Both are equipped with Wi-Fi (802.11a / b / g / n / ac) and Bluetooth 5.

While most are waiting to see an a7 III replacement, the likelihood is that one of the cameras is the a9 III, while the second is probably a next-generation RX. Most rumors have the a7 IV hitting shelves in the back half of 2021. 

Sony a9 III Rumors

With the Canon R5 out in the wild and most overheating concerns addressed, Sony will be looking to hit back with the a9 II. Rumored specs have it with a 50-megapixel sensor alongside unlimited 8K30p. Other rumors have it borrowing heavily from the a7s III, including its EVF, autofocus, and revamped touchscreen menu system. 

One unwelcome rumor is the price. Expect it to be nearly $5000 and aiming for the professional market. That has it $1500 north of the R5 and will make for some intriguing comparisons.

The launch window is expected to be during CES 2021, which is all digital in January, thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Sony’s Next RX Camera?

Not much is known on the second camera registration other than it’s almost definitely not a7 IV. That leaves the RX line, which last saw a launch in the middle of 2019. You can sort of count the ZV-1, but Sony has moved to segment its vlogger-centric line of pocket-sized cameras. We should be looking at the RX100 VIII.

One area that we could see an improvement is on the lens front. Vloggers have long wanted a wider lens, and the current 24-200mm on the RX100 VII is not remotely wide enough for most on-the-go vloggers. Will we see a 16-35mm equivalent, or will Sony save that for the ZV-1?

Expect the rumors surrounding the a9 III to come more into focus over the next few weeks as CES approaches.

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