Final Update: Sony announces the a6400 and loads of full-frame firmware updates.

Watch the announcement below:

Update 1/14 5:06 PM: Now the rumors are really flying Sony is set to release what some are calling the a6400. Yeah, join the club of confusion. An APS-C camera which will appear to consumers as the successor to the a6300 and leave the impression the a6500 as the premium option though it’s years older.

Rumored specs have it not including IBIS, no dual card slots, no Z battery and 4K30p. But supposedly it does have some exciting features. Did Sony kidnap the Canon and Nikon reps? If these rumors pan out, I would not want to be the marketing reps in the room tomorrow. After a stellar 2018, a nerfed a6400 is not how I envisioned Sony giving the APS-C fans something to get excited over.

Of course, it could be one hell of a misdirect, but 24 hours out from an announcement isn’t the best timing. We shall see. Personally, I hope it’s a misdirect, and the a7000 appears. But those hopes are fading.

Original article below.

Get ready Sony fans. The big rumor nearly everyone is latching onto this morning is a Sony APS-C mirrorless camera is set to be unveiled Tuesday. Is it the a7000? Some say no, while I’m of the mind to go back to the company’s a7 III announcement. Or as Sony dubbed it, the basic model.

The phrasing is important because attached to the announcement date rumor is another saying the new APS-C (crop sensor) camera is targeted towards the mid-level category. Conventional wisdom would stare at the a6000-series and wonder if we are about to get a replacement.

Then there’s the other side of the coin. If Sony’s brass considers the award-winning a7 III a ‘basic model’ full-frame, could the same argument be applied to a potential a7000? We already know multiple YouTube personalities are on their way to Napa. You only need to check out Jared Polin’s Instagram Stories to see they are on the move.

What is impressive about the entire affair is the amount of secrecy surrounding the announcement. Hardly any leaks and plenty of misdirects. Sony video-centric users are waiting for the a7s III which has been radio silence other than the educated guess it’ll appear at NAB.

That leaves a new crop sensor mirrorless. The a6500 is getting old, and Sony’s offerings in the segment desperately need the new Z battery found in Sony’s full-frame since the a9. In addition to rumors, we see more wish list videos from Sony brand ambassadors like Manny Ortiz.

I’m onboard with all of those suggestions. Sony needs to compete with the X-T3. Fuji is completely killing it in the APS-C market while Sony has been more than a bit lifeless in the body and lens department.

My Sony APS-C theory/wish? Reclaim the a5 name. Why have the a6700 or a7000 when they could adopt the a7 and a9 naming convention. It would give them room to keep releasing bodies based on the mark-series. Think a7 III, etc. What little confusion it would create would be worth it from a branding standpoint. And it could give the sense of premium without the price tag associated with higher-end models.

The other wish is support the APS-C fans with prosumer grade lenses. Enough with the kit lenses. Look at Fuji and emulate them. While full-frame users are quick to discount APS-C, it ignores the fact the smaller and lighter bodies are great for users with accessibility issues. Sony should start leading on that front.

Regardless of that’s about be announced, keep it locked here as we approach what hopefully will be an eventful Tuesday.

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