Sony finally has a heartbeat with its fitness wearable, the SmartBand 2. The successor to its original tracker, the new one finally has heart rate monitoring baked into the wearable.

If you’re going to be in the fitness wearable game, heart rate monitoring is the equivalent of power steering. It’s expected and no longer considered an ‘extra.’

Past the heart rate monitoring, SmartBand 2 looks exactly the same. There’s still no screen, but notifications and reminders are brought in via vibration or LED lights.

Set to arrive in time for Christmas, the $130 price point will be a tough sell. There are already other wearables that do the same thing, for a cheaper price. Some come with a simple LCD screen, and the app tie-ins are hard to ignore.

Sony’s pitch? You can wear this to track your activity 24/7. Including the pool. Now that will perk up fitness enthusiasts. Some love the FitBit line, but you can’t take it in the pool for your daily laps. Sony’s SmartBand 2 can dive right in.

sony smartband 2

All your activity, or lack of, is logged into the Sony LifeLog app. It will tell you exactly when and where you did certain activities such as swimming or taking photos. It is then charted on your phone to show your daily exercise routine; the number of steps, heart rate and other parameters you set.

Like all fitness wearables, it’ll track your sleep. Yeah, part of health is getting those extra winks. Need to wake up in the morning? It’ll shake you awake with a silent, vibrating alarm.

Hey, it beats crickets that I have my alarm set to now. What can I say? I really like my bed. Something has to wake me up.

The SmartBand 2 joins Sony’s lineup of the SmartWatch and SmartBand Talk. Not the most inventive names around, but hard to fault the company for keeping it simple.

Now going against the FitBit and others? Good luck with that. Though FitBit needs to release a waterproof model for the swimmers out there.

Some smart marketing and Sony could have a winner on its hand. Not everything needs a screen or a ridiculous price point. Check out the SmartBand 2 launch commercial below.


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