It was the best day of the year for most. Waking up Christmas morning to tons of gifts – oh, and your family. For many though, the headache was about to begin. New Playstation 4 owners quickly realized they couldn’t connect to Playstation Network.

A hacking group known as Lizard Squad hit Playstation Network and Xbox Live with a DDoS attack. They flooded Xbox and Playstation 4’s online services with bogus traffic to force the servers offline. It’s an easy attack to perform and a hard one to defend against.

Connectivity woes would continue for a few days.

Fast forward to the New Year and both consoles’ online services are back to normal.

Sony is giving you something for the downtime. 5 days of Playstation Plus is being added to Playstation Plus members. Sony is also offering a 10% discount for one total cart purchase sometime in January. No word on when this discount will go into effect besides sometime this month.

As for Microsoft, they haven’t offered anything – yet.

We all wanted some free games, but I guess this will do. Sony and Microsoft just need to figure out a way to better combat these DDoS attacks. I know it’s not easy, but c’mon. We pay for Xbox Live and Playstation Plus. We expect it to work all the time.

If you want to read up more about DDoS attacks, Kotaku has a great article on it. David Larson, CTO of Corero Network Security, told Kotaku DDoS attacks are “tremendously easy. Anybody can afford it; anybody can do it.”

He also said any size network is vulnerable and can be taken offline. Be sure to check out the whole article. It’s a great read.


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