Forget about dedicated glasses. Clip it on. That is Sony’s answer. While Google and other companies slave away on smart glasses, Sony takes a different approach. They have invented a device that just clips on to the eyewear you are using right now.

The device (pictured below) attaches to the side of your glasses and adds a small 640 x 400 display, a camera and a processor.

sony wearable module unit

When can you get your hands on it? Sony wants to get them in your hands within the next year.

Sony promise high-quality images and video with the tiny screen. The screen can produce “deep blacks with contrast ratio higher than 10,000:1 and covering 100% of the sRGB color space, thereby displaying images with rich, vibrant color,” according to Sony.

Look for fitness and sport applications to be popular with Sony’s take on smart glasses. Imagine taking a bike ride and see how fast you are going and your route. Any fitness activity would benefit from this.

sony-wearable biking

Sony even sees useful applications at work. Companies could give instructions to employees without them stopping what they are doing.

I don’t know if companies will be that quick to embrace wearable tech. But, it’s something I could see happen over the next few years.

The biggest win for these type of devices is fitness.

Strolling through the city with real-time directions popping up within your vision would also be handy.

Plus, by not developing smart glasses – the price should be lower.

The module does look a bit bulky though in Sony’s renders. Not something I would imagine wearing all the time.

It sounds like Sony won’t be releasing it as its own consumer product. Sony will “provide the product to a wide variety of potential customers, from eyewear makers whose pieces are tailored for specific uses such as sports or entertainment, to electronics manufacturers who are considering pairing their products with wearable devices, to companies that provide business solutions utilizing wearable devices.”

Check out the specs below.

sony module specs

Tell me what you think of Sony’s wearable module. Interested? What other uses could you envision?

Image credits: Sony

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