After preaching ‘games, games, games,’ Sony wants their consoles to do a little bit more. Enter Playstation Vue, a web-based television service. Sony is taking aim at traditional cable with Playstation Vue and will test the service in New York later this month. The service will spread to more cities in the first half of 2015.

Sony is a step ahead of the curve compared to other attempts at web-based television. They have around 75 channels ready to go from Viacom, CBS, Discovery, Fox, Universal and Scripps.

Sound great, right? It is, but there are some obvious holdouts. Disney (owns ESPN and ABC), AMC and the History Channel are not on board. Time Warner (HBO, TNT, TBS and CNN) is also holding out.

Cable is dying a slow death. More people are turning to Netflix, Hulu and other options for TV. HBO is planning on launching a web-version of their service next year. Cable’s only saving grace remains sports. And, until ESPN is available without a cable subscription – cable will survive.

But, cable’s days are numbered. One day, Disney will create a subscription service for their products (ESPN, ABC). When that happens, cable is done.

Sony’s approach with Playstation Vue is two-fold. Convince folks who already own a Playstation 3 or 4 to adopt their service versus a cable subscription. For everyone else? Convince them to buy a Playstation console. Then, you have the potential to convert these people to gamers. It’s win-win for Sony.

But, sports remains the roadblock. Until a company can convince the likes of ESPN to join them, internet TV will never replace the old guard.


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