Those that were enjoying the ads between their playlists on Xbox Music are getting some bad news today. The service was designed to compete with Spotify, but is now being ‘retired’ according to Microsoft.

Why the shuttering of the free side of Xbox Music? Microsoft wants to “deliver the ultimate music purchase and subscription service experience for our customers.” In other words, the company would much rather have you pay for the service.

The free Xbox Music Pass had been available on Windows 8 and over the Internet. Starting December 1, you will have to pay to use the service. Concerned about your movie and video game soundtrack playlists. Take heart. Microsoft assures customers that they will be able to move the playlists into a paid account.

The news of the free service getting retired comes just days after Spotify announced their family plan. Is Microsoft setting up something similar. It’s a good bet that you will hear a similar announcement on a family plan from their camp soon.

If you’re worried about your personal mp3 collection you have in the service, it is safe too. Anything you purchased through Xbox Music will remain available to you.

Some of you are probably thinking, Xbox has a music service? Yes, it’s $9.99 month and acts just like Spotify. In addition to the unlimited streaming, it gives you thousands of music videos.

We will keep you updated if Microsoft announces a family plan, or cuts the price to compete with Spotify. For those of you that used the free version, Spotify still offers an ad-supported version of its service.

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