Boston’s summers get hot, but nowhere near as bad as down south. Well, by the end of the century, Boston’s July could look like Miami’s according to a new climate report.

The non-profit group Climate Central says cities across the U.S. may see the thermometers shoot way higher by the end of the century. Tell this to folks in the midwest next week and they may just laugh in your face. A weather system resembling the polar vortex from the beginning of 2014 will impact the midwest and eastern portions of the country next week. Highs won’t get out of the 50s in some places while record lows are expected in portions of the deep south.

Despite the chill coming to portions of the U.S. next week, summers are hotter than they were 40 years ago. The average temperature in the summer is rising by 0.4% degrees per decade in the U.S.

Climate Central’s analysis shows future Americans will see average increases of 7-10 degrees in summer high temperatures. Some cities could see increases of 12 degrees.

“Summer temperatures in most American cities are going to feel like summers now in Texas and Florida — very, very hot,” Alyson Kenward, the lead researcher of the project, said in a press release.

I live in the south and trust me, you want Climate Central to be wrong.

Who will see the worst of it? The hottest cities right now. Think Las Vegas, Phoenix and others. Las Vegas highs would be more like what is seen in Saudi Arabia today with average highs peaking at 111 degrees. Phoenix would hit average highs of 114 degrees. Yeah, but it’s a dry heat right? An oven is still an oven.

Here’s a nifty infographic showing the potential temperature rise in your city. Let us know how hot it could get where you live in the comments below.


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