On Earth. Mars might be the ultimate goal, but Elon and company aren’t forgetting about us on Earth. Last night, Elon was at the International Astronautical Congress in Australia to talk about what SpaceX is cooking up next. Their plans for Mars were the highlight, but it’s a future of Earth that has many talking today.

Today, SpaceX makes landing rockets look easy. And one day, they hope to land rockets all over Earth all the time. Imagine taking a day trip to Paris from New York. Flight time? 30 minutes. You read that right. Just 30 minutes.

A slick CGI demo shows how these Earth to Earth trips work.

Any destination from anywhere on Earth in under an hour. Sounds awesome. Looks even cooler.

But SpaceX is going to have to get that whole landing a rocket down to an art form before I jump aboard. As for price, Elon says each seat would cost “about the same as full fare economy in an aircraft.” Ok, where do I sign up?

Still, it’s an intriguing vision. And one SpaceX could probably pull off. The big question is when? I don’t doubt SpaceX’s ability to deliver. But in a timely fashion? That’s another story. Plus, these rides hinge on SpaceX’s next rocket. The BFR. Yup, it means Big Fu#$ing Rocket. This is the rocket that comes after the Falcon Heavy. The one that still hasn’t seen a test launch yet.

Elon and SpaceX want to start sending humans to Mars by 2024. That’s seven years from now. Seven years ago, SpaceX wasn’t even launching rockets into orbit yet. Now look at them. Who knows what they can do in another seven?

I say bring on a future where we can visit Europe and be back home in time for dinner.

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