SpaceX Almost Nails Rocket Landing. Here’s the Next Planned Launch Date
Falcon 9 landing

SpaceX was so close to sticking the landing during its third attempt to land and recover the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket.

The first attempt ended in a fiery explosion.

The second attempt was scrapped due to weather.

The third attempt was the closest SpaceX has ever been to a successful landing. Check out the video below. Note how the thrusters at the top of the rocket try to correct the tilt.

Elon Musk said in a tweet that “excess lateral velocity caused it to tip over post landing.”

As for the droneship, Musk says it’s fine and will need minor repairs.

Falcon 9 and Dragon’s Primary Mission to the ISS

While all attention is on SpaceX’s attempts to land the first stage of the rocket, SpaceX also successfully launched an important mission to the International Space Station.

dragon capsule

Nearly 4,300 pounds of supplies are inbound to the ISS. The ISS’ robotic arm will grab the Dragon capsule on Friday at 7:00 am EDT. The crew will unload the supplies in the day following the successful docking.

Several experiments are also being delivered to the ISS on Friday. Some of these center around Scott Kelly’s one-year stay on the ISS. These include experiments on bone cells in mice and how fluid moves around in the body. NASA officials are always looking for ways to negate the impacts of microgravity on astronauts.

The next attempt to land the first stage rocket is set for June 2015

SpaceX will give it another go on June 19 at 1:51 PM EDT. That’s the target date for the CRS-7 resupply mission to the ISS.

Several more tons of supplies will be delivered including new experiments and technology research.

And, SpaceX will give their landing another go. Tuesday’s landing was almost perfect. Barring bad weather, SpaceX should have no problem sticking the landing in June.

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