There are times I could just toss my Xbox One out the window. And, more times than not – it has to do with how damn slow the Xbox One UI is.

Xbox’s Phil Spencer recently posted a tweet that says addressing the speed of the UI is high on their list of improvements they want to make to the Xbox One. It can’t come quick enough.

Phil wrote the tweets in a series of questions from Xbox fans. He also mentioned the Xbox preview program “is going to get interesting in the next few months.” And, that the dashboard will take advantage of DX12.

Microsoft has been on top of their game with updates to the Xbox One UI. Fix the speed issues and I’ll be happy.

Xbox One’s April Update

On Monday, the Xbox team released the April update. Party chat sees some more improvements this month. Now, you can find out if privacy or networking issues are the reason you can’t hear anyone in your party.

Achievement notifications gets an update. Now, when the achievement pops up – you will see the achievement’s description. Microsoft also improved how fast the achievements app loads from a notification.

Larry Hyrb (Major Nelson) goes over the April update in the video below.

Voice messaging and dedicated servers for party chat are still in the preview program. The two features need a bit more testing before they are ready for everyone.


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