Now we are talking. A Spider-Man we can get behind. In a new 30-second TV spot, we are treated to more quick cuts of Captain America: Civil War and plenty of logos from sites that love the movie.

What’s not to love? Captain America: The Winter Soldier was great, and the Russo brothers are back at the helm of the third entry of Cap and company.

While initial marketing hid the Spider-Man reveal, Marvel is in the home stretch and pulling out all the stops to ensure the film is a box office smash. I’m in the camp the film was always going to be a smash. It’s essentially an Avengers-lite movie with more story than Age of Ultron.

Spider-Man in new Captain America tv trailer

The Spider-Man scene in the trailer has him swinging into a train station to block Bucky’s (Winter Soldier) punch. It wouldn’t be everyone’s favorite web-slinger if he didn’t have a quip.

He doesn’t disappoint.The jokes/quips, while at times overdone, always seem to land better in films from Marvel Studios. It may be the DC universe is too serious with its first couple of Superman entries, and that changes with Suicide Squad. Here’s hoping.

In case the nonstop marketing wasn’t enough of a reminder, Captain America: Civil War lands in theaters on May 6.

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