Those hacked Sony emails turned out to be correct. There were talks to get Spider-Man over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And that day is here. The deal was announced late yesterday to reboot the franchise in the Universe that already has Iron Man and Captain America.

Oh, and you just know this is going to make Avengers: Infinity War awesome. The deal does have a caveat. Sony will retain the rights to the 2017 standalone film, but Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige will co-produce. That’s the most diplomatic way of saying ‘making sure it won’t suck.’

What does this mean for fans? Hopefully we have seen the floor of Spider-Man movies. They have not matched the quality of other comic book movies produced by Marvel. Say what you will, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe can handle the silver screen.

The reboot means a casting search will immediately begin. Last year’s film was a disappointment all around and it is expected that Andrew Garfield will be giving up the mask in this new deal. Fiege called the deal “something which both we at Marvel, and fans alike, have been looking forward to for years.”

Sure, it’s for the fans. Not for the absolutely absurd box office receipts. Over its lifetime, Spider-Man films have grossed more than $4 billion worldwide. The first Avengers title did $1.5 billion alone.

The possibilities for box office shattering records are very real at this point. We get the crossover films, they get the cash. I’m cool with that.

Oh, and before your eyes glaze over at the billions of dollars, Marvel is owned by Disney. You know what other property they own? Star Wars. Yeah, the United States Mint should just let them have an office.


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