You may not get absurd paydays for playing with a MacBook Pro for a night in Vegas, but a new Spotify feature lets you become your own DJ. Poppin bottles on your porch. The new feature, dubbed djay 2, lets you fake it before you make it on the club scene.

Spotify is adding its catalog of 20 million songs to Apple’s most popular DJ app, djay 2. The move comes after Spotify had integrated with the Pacemaker iPad DJ App in February. Users of Spotify have been clamoring for a DJ feature. Everyone wants to be the next Avicii. Same here. Getting paid deep into six figures per night does have a certain appeal.

So, how do you get inner DJ on? A new update to the Spotify app integrates with the djay app. Spotify is responding to customer demands and released a statement on the integration. “It’s an opportunity for us to introduce Spotify to djay’s 10 million users and hopefully get them to become Spotify subscribers,” the company said.

The integrations will adopt your existing playlists, starred tracks and inbox for song requests to the DJ in the app for Spotify. Using djay 2, users can switch between iTunes songs they have bought and the Spotify subscription service. It can also pull mixed tracks from both.

As for revenue, no money will change hands between the partners, but Spotify positioned itself to make money from any new premium subscribers gained from the the new feature integration.

The move for tighter DJ integrations comes with the ability to access the catalog without paying for individual songs through iTunes. Users essentially get unlimited songs to create their new mixes. So, now we wait for the next popular EDM DJ to emerge from the app.

Be sure to check out the djay app. Who knows, it could be you jetsetting around the world. Who wouldn’t take that kind of payday? Matter of fact, I just might sign up myself.

All they ask is that you drop the bass.


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