Top sheet. The fitted sheet you always seem to find the wrong corner. Pillow cases that are evil. We’ve all been there, and a new Kickstarter project from Spun Sheets promises to end all that madness.

They lay out the problem succinctly with my current sheets. They are a pain to put on. Sheets come untucked. I personally blame my border collie who insists on doing 360-degree turns in his sleep. And we hate making our bed every day. Yep, sure do.

Spun Sheets Offer a Solution

The damn top sheet is the bane of everyone, but if you want to have those clean lines, you need it to look perfect. The answer from Spun is to use a semi-fitted top sheet. It is fitted to the bottom of your mattress with the excess folded neatly underneath.

You can still use it as a blanket, and it never comes off. Unless you’re a weird sleeper, who thrashes around all night. A GIF speaks louder than words:

Yeah, you’re selling me Spun.

Fitted Sheets

The dreaded pop of a corner of your sheet that refuses to stay put. Spun fitted sheets include what they call ‘grippy elastic’ to keep it in place. I love a company that calls a feature what it is. No over thought name. Nope, grippy elastic with directional tags. Right on Spun.


Hate every time you wake your favorite pillow has decided to slide halfway out of your pillow case? Spun’ project offers envelope cases that keep your pillow secure and the clean lines intact on your bed. You know, the one you’re supposed to make up every morning.

Spunn Specs

So, they don’t move and make life easier. But, are they comfortable. Each set is made from 100% Supima Cotton with a 500-thread count. Long staple cotton fibers are combined into a Sateen weave.

The campaign does have two stretch goals that involve new colors. Right now, it’s funded, and the color choice is white. At $75k, power gray will be offered, and at $115k, charcoal is added. Come on charcoal. Two border collies with muddy paws are instantly attracted to white.

Kickstarter Details

The biggest is when. Shipping is slated for February 2018. It’s a bit of a wait, but the Kickstarter campaign doesn’t end until September 29. Reward tiers vary on what you want. Have a Twin bed? $150 for a complete sheet set (including pillowcases). Full or Queen? $165 for the complete set. And King rounds out the reward tiers at $185.

Jump over to the campaign page to learn more about the company and the co-founders Chloe and London.

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