There’s a new Hitman game coming December 8th. And it’s a bit different than other Hitman games. This year’s Hitman will not release as a full game in December. I’ll let the official Hitman website explain:

What we release on December 8th is not the full game. It’s a sizeable chunk of it. Throughout 2016 we’ll release more locations and missions until the story arc is done and finished. All of that content is included in the $60 price.

Today, GameIndustryBiz published an interview with Square Enix’s European CEO Phil Rogers. In it, Rogers expands a bit more about their approach towards Hitman’s content.

“We want to keep the business model very simple. There’s going to be one price, so we’re not talking micro-transactions, and it allows us to evolve the content itself… Gamers don’t want unfinished content, so we’re being very clear,” says Rogers. “This is going to be AAA, polished – Hitman as you’d expect. But we can continue to create experiences, so the world only expands. We’re experimenting.”

Hey, that sounds good. My main question is what exactly are we getting for $60 at launch? I understand new content is coming. But, Square Enix and Eidos need to be specific on exactly what we are getting on December 8th, and what we are getting through 2016.

Rogers hints at this by using Just Cause 2 as an example. “We left that world from a production standpoint three months before we shipped the game, and yet consumers have spent the next five years in that world. If we’d continued to evolve that world for consumers we think they would have enjoyed it,” Rogers said.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t hesitant about how Square Enix is approaching Hitman. But, I’m willing to see what they do with it. It takes experimenting to find the next best thing. Best case? We get a complete story arc and then Eidos takes their ideas for future missions and mesh them with what the fanbase wants. I may feel hesitant about their content approach, but the gameplay looks great.

The key to Hitman’s success will be clear communication from Square Enix and Eidos.

Check out the full interview to hear Rogers’ thoughts on the future of AAA releases and more.

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