Does landing a double flip on the trail yesterday count if no one was there to see it? The Staaker drone eschews the philosophy and has created a drone made specifically for action sports. Rugged. Easy to use. And you’re always the center of the shot.

At its core, the Staaker is a follow drone. You won’t have to worry about syncing a tablet to a controller. It wants you on a snowboard, surfboard, bike… You get the point. The drone, compatible with the GoPro you already have lying around, can be set to five distinct follow modes.

Follow. What it sounds like. The Staaker handles all the details and frames you in the shot perfectly from behind.

Circle. For those moments where your ego reigns supreme. The drone will continuously circle you whether you crested the trail or are still moving.

Yeah, I can see the YouTube videos now. Let your imagination run wild.

Compass. One of the more intriguing modes on the Staaker. On the remote, you can choose the compass direction and angle you want the drone flying so the background is always in frame. Along with you. Reminds me of the cable cam function on competitor drones but with a distinct feature set.

Hover. No explanation needed. Set the Staaker to hover to grab the double flip and you have visual proof. Either of an awesome landing or you need a bit more practice.

Scenery. Staaker’s manual control. Use it remotely fly the drone to capture footage you could only dream of a few short years ago.

Staaker Drone Specs

Camera selection is limited to the GoPro lineup – Hero3, 3+ and Hero4 Cameras. Unless GoPro is drastically redesigning the Hero5, compatibility shouldn’t be an issue.

Staaker claims 30-minute flight time with a 10-second battery swap. Without the downlinking to a tablet or phone, it stands to reason the battery time should hit the advertised number.

Staaker auto-follow drone

Need speed? The company is claiming top speeds of 50mph. What that does to battery life is an open question. Operating in action sports is a demanding arena. The drone is built to be both light and rugged. The drone is rated IP44 Splash Proof. Translation? It can handle some rain, but if it’s monsoon season, what the hell are you doing outside anyways?

compact Staaker drone

Windy days are the bane of drone operators. Staaker is suggesting you keep it under 20mph. They’ve tested it up to 30mph, but play it safe. I screwed up with a Phantom 3 Pro try to film an approaching storm. It was a damn battle to get it back home.

Calibration is done internally helping you keep the 3-axis gimbal level. Gimbal drift is always an issue that seems to require daily calibration on other drones. Looking forward to seeing how the auto calibration works.

Tracking accuracy grabs a triple assist from GPS, GLONASS and SBAS. Whoever has the tracker can expect vertical accuracy of 4 inches and horizontal accuracy of less than 1.5 feet. Not bad at all.

Having the tracker on you puts limits on the altitude. The minimum altitude is 6.5 ft. above the tracker to a max of 165 ft. In scenery mode, the altitude restrictions are removed.

Staaker Price

Sounds badass, right? There’s a catch. You can’t grab one today. The company is accepting preorders for $1,195.00 with a ship date of December. Nice holiday gift, but damn, I want one now.

Head over to Staaker for more tech specs and the story behind the drone. If you’re already wishing for fresh powder, it could serve as the perfect solution to document your X-Games mixtape.

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