Reddit doesn’t claim to be the front page of the internet for no reason. Marc Levoy, former Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at Stanford, and one cool guy has released a revised version of his Digital Photography course for free.

Why? He retired from Stanford to lead a team working on photography projects at Google. Talk about retiring up. The course is hosted via Google Sites, and the current influx of traffic has Google Drive freaking out. Those videos not being served via Drive have been hosted on YouTube.

For those interested in the university-level course, it serves as an introduction to the “scientific, artistic, and computing aspects of digital photography.”

18 video recordings of his lectures make up the foundation of the course covering:

  • Lenses and optics
  • Light and sensors
  • Optical effects
  • Perspective and depth of field
  • Sampling and noise
  • Image processing and editing

Assignments are there for students wanting to put what you’ve learned to the test. Enthusiasts wanting to round out their technical knowledge can access the course anytime. Amateurs wanting to understand the DSLR you just bought? Apply the videos. Your Instagram feed will thank you.

As For Marc Levoy? Welcome to the power of virality. Good thing you work at Google. YouTube is always better than Google Drive for videos.

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