This is damn near too much. The third installment of the rebooted Star Trek franchise is preparing to debut its first trailer. What movie should it attach itself to?

Hmm, how about Star Wars? That’s right. When we all pile into the theaters next week, not only will we be treated to Star Wars, but also our first look at Star Trek Beyond.

We get it, JJ Abrams. Your bank account rivals Disney. While not behind the camera for the third film, his production company, Bad Robot is leading the charge.

Paramount has been locked in a battle to secure a preview spot ahead of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. They are not the only studio that looks likely to secure space ahead of the year’s most anticipated film.

Star Trek trailer to debut in front of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

For Disney, Finding Dory and Captain America: Civil War seem like definite locks. Outside studio contributions that are likely include Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Warner Bros.), The Huntsman’s Winter War (Universal), X-Men: Apocalypse and Independence Day: Resurgence (both Fox properties).

Damn that is one hell of a stacked preview slate. Not sure I buy all those landing before Star Wars, but I’m 100 percent onboard with all of them making their way to the IMAX screen I’ll be at.

And the second and third time I see Star Wars. Hey, don’t judge. You know you’re thinking the same.

Sound off below of the previews/trailers that have you hyped. Star Trek like me? Or, are you more interested to see what Fox has up its sleeve with Independence Day: Resurgence?


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