Leave it to Quantum Mechanix to remind us 2016 is the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. While the $7,000 price tag for a replica of the USS Enterprise seems steep, it’s all about the details.

Using the 2009 Star Trek reboot as the template, every detail from the design has been replicated. Sure, good luck in convincing anyone this is a smart buy, but ask yourself, what’s a smart purchase? May as well live a little.

Star Trek USS Enterprise Replica

Details are critical in every replica. Trust me, this isn’t a typical store-bought model we all sit around trying to snap together. The paint job alone includes 24 colors of both metallic and flat paint.

uss enterprise replica

To get the model screen accurate, the Quantum Mechanix crew used a technique known as Aztecing to overlap the color layers. It allows for plenty of depth, and it matches the hull of Kirk and company’s ship from the movie.

The company was able to achieve the detail thanks to Industrial Light & Magic lending them the master CG files.

quantum mechanix star trek

Special Effects

Why stop at the paint job? The magicians at QMx have put over 200 various custom effects to the replica. Interior and exterior lighting have been added. Want to reenact your favorite moments? Anti-collision and formation lights are there (flash and strobe).

The engines? Scotty would be proud of the fluid plasma effect the artists pulled off in the impulse engines.

star trek enterprise replica

All the lights and special effects are controlled via a custom four-function remote. For $7,000, you better be able to show off your true fan colors.


The replica is made-to-order allowing you customize the Enterprise to fit your favorite Star Trek scenes. Want the shuttle bay doors open? Go for it.

How about battle damage? It costs extra, but the artists at Quantum can add any amount of battle scars and weather to your replica. Even add your own engraving to the stand. Whatever your favorite line is, the team can handle it.

Construction is handled in the United States using laser-cut acrylic, resins and styrene. Internally, steel rods and brass tubing keep the Enterprise around for years to come Its base is a rectangular mirror to show off the details on the underside of the ship.

For those wondering about the footprint, the replica is 34 inches x 15.75 inches x 7.5 inches. When mounted on the base, the height jumps to 13 inches, while the length and width hit 36 inches x 18 inches.

Included in the price is the QMx Concierge service. Every artisan replica is customized to your specifications. The price starts at $7,000, and the 2009 Enterprise Edition is limited to 250 pieces.

No clue how I’d ever justify shelling out $7,000 for a Star Trek replica, but that’s why we have Powerball dreams.

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