That’s no treehouse…

It’s an AT-ST straight from the Star Wars universe. Makes you wonder what a homeowners association would say to this sitting in someone’s backyard. You were saying about the height of the privacy fence?


Mr. Kernish took his Star Wars fandom to an extreme by constructing a complete 1:1 replica of the Empire’s AT-ST. Complete with sound effects and articulating turrets – both the main and the side cannons. Too much awesome.

Built from sheet metal, wood and plastic, it’s easily the dream of every kid to have one sitting next to the playground set.

AT-ST replica Star Wars

It’s not just the outside that impresses. Inside, there’s room for two. Maybe a Wookie if you toss the pilot. Knobs, joysticks, display panels deck out the interior. Don’t feel bad if you’re over the age of 15 and want to hop in and reenact the Battle of Endor.

It’s a shame you can’t buy one, or the thing actually walked. Can you imagine terrorizing your neighborhood with one? Me? I have an 11-acre front yard and no homeowners association. Benefits of living rural.

But, trusting me with a power saw to build one? Not a good idea. No word on the cost to build one, but you’ll need a crash course in engineering and be incredibly handy in a workshop.

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