Witness the power of Disney and Propel emptying bank accounts.

Well, let me go ahead and hide this link from myself and my family of Star Wars fanatics. Propel, the maker of Battle Quads, is teaming up with Star Wars to make every fans’ dream a reality. Legitimate aerial battles with the Millennium Falcon vs. the TIE Advanced X1 with a Star Wars Battle Quad.

Or, you may want to choose the T-65 X-Wing. Looking for some nap of the earth action? Propel is also releasing the 74-Z Speeder Bike. Ewoks not included.

Propel is slating a holiday release schedule for the four models. Pricing isn’t listed, but rumors have it listed at $200-300 per battle quad. North American customers (me) will have to wait. It will be available in most countries this holiday season, but nothing yet stateside.  Yeah, that won’t stop me from hitting an online retailer for one. Ok, maybe one of each.

When the battle quads hit their retail milestone, Propel plans to have stabilization aids baked in for inexperienced pilots. Live in a wooded area? Turn it off to go full Endor.

That’s not even the best part. In a dogfight, each will fire lasers at the other. Don’t get cocky, but lining up a shot on the Millennium Falcon will make your target’s controller shake. Think a console controller rumble feedback and you get the idea.

Milenium Falcon Battle Quad

Take three hits? Say goodbye to your shields as the drone will slowly spiral to the ground. Hey, you told Wedge to pull out of the trench run. It’s on him to trust the Force.

Speed is essential in Star Wars. You may know a maneuver or two, but it helps when each quadcopter can hit speeds of over 35 mph. Yeah, that’s not a typo. It better have stabilization aids when you are trying to recreate the speeder chase.

Propel Star Wars

Clean Lines. 4 Props

Propel was able to keep the ships looking intact by positioning the props underneath each model. Using reverse propulsion, the Star Wars Battle Quads rides on a cushion of air.

The result is a craft that looks intact and keeps the clean lines of the craft each represents. But, you can hear it. No drone maker can claim that speed and silent operation. It’s not happening.

Propel keeps the footprint of each small, allowing each to fit in your hand. Using swappable lithium-ion packs, you can dogfight until you accidentally nail a pine tree.

Even the packaging gets insane detail. Each box comes with a wax seal for collectors and features a relief model. Open up the Falcon and hear a familiar voice talking about the Kessel Run.

Yeah, I was sold the second it was mentioned they can hit over 35 mph and fire lasers. How can you not go complete Star Wars nerd chills over that? You can reserve your Star Wars battle Quad today without a deposit. It will save your spot in line in what is sure to be one hell of a holiday toy.

Editor’s note – Updated to reflect it is not currently available in North America and the speed of the quadcopters.

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