EA boss Andrew Wilson touched on the “constructive” criticism the gaming community leveled against the first Battlefront. Mainly, Battlefront 1 lacked depth. One way to address it is the promise of three times more content in Battlefront 2 than the first game that was made during the conference. Another is through gameplay mechanics. And we are seeing a glimpse of this in the huge gameplay blowout going on right now.

They’re called Battle Points, and it replaces the simple pick-up system from the first Battlefront. Here’s how it works.

You gain Battle Points as you play. Whether it’s via kills, objectives or helping your team – you’ll gain them. Basically, as long as your character moves around and does something you’ll earn them.

Now, let’s take a look at what you can spend them on.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 battle points

Vulture Droid (spacecraft) – 500 points
Troop Transport – 1,000 points
AAT – 2,000 points
B2 Super Battle Droid – 2,000 points
Boba Fett (hero) – 5,000 points
Darth Maul (hero) – 5,000 points

Everything from spacecraft and heroes to special characters like the B2 Battle Droid can be bought with Battle Points. The days of just one person at a time getting their hands on a vehicle or special character are done. Here’s an example of three players using B2 Super Battle Droids at the same time.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 battle droids

No more waiting around for a hero/vehicle pick-up.

The Battle Points system makes it easier for everyone to enjoy their favorite Star Wars moments. Grab a spacecraft, a unique class or a hero. When you want, as long as you have the Battle Points to afford it.

It also adds a new layer of depth to the gameplay. Do you spend your Battle Points as soon as you can afford the first vehicles or unique classes? Or, do you save them up to turn the tide with a hero like Darth Maul or Rey?

In Battlefront 1, it all felt random. You just scooped up the pick-up when it was there and rampaged through the other team. With Battlefront 2, you get more control over how you play.

How all this is balanced by the folks at DICE will be something to keep an eye on. But the system should be easy to tweak by changing the amount of Battle Points earned or tweaking costs.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 looks incredible. And it appears DICE took a lot of the fan feedback to heart. Toss in free DLC for everyone and the odds Battlefront 2 keeps us playing months after release already look better than they did for Battlefront 1.

What did you think of all the Star Wars Battlefront 2 footage we saw today? Do you like the change to Battle Points?

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